When humankind turns its back against nature, only a footprint away from nourishment, life fails to thrive... — Jeri Nicoli


"Professionals do not allow their inner lives to encumber the wheels directing their path. Their only choice is to ride their inner child atop the outer path of freedom." — Jeri Nicoli


"The mind is a weapon, that when wielded, protects unseen burden. A man's knapsack never outweighs the concealed carries of his life." — Jeri Nicoli


"Looking back to anticipate the present is instinctive to even a child..." — Jeri Nicoli


"Life speaks before, during, and after the fall ..." — Jeri Nicoli

στατική Ελευθερία

"Αφήστε να μην υπάρχει στατική στα κανάλια της καρδιάς σας. Αφήστε την αγάπη σας να ρέει ελεύθερα ...." — Jeri Nicoli

Cumulus or Upper House

"There are many places my mind has traveled, but time spent amidst the clouds has been the least hazy." — Jeri Nicoli


"There’s only way to tell if snozzberries taste like snozzberries." — Jeri Nicoli