The Ocean Riddle

The beauty we find outside of us can be meaningless without someone to share it with, and the beauty within us can fall to obscurity if we fail to experience gratitude in our raw substance without another’s acceptance.

Words seem like
Puzzle pieces
Purposely placed
In a box of family
Portraits belonging
To different
Generations at once
The riddles
Are unintentional
Can you tell?


Five years ago, a nightmare shook her from sleep, and instinctively she jumped up from the bed and ran, her head hitting a window. She cried out before opening her eyes, and at the sight of the ocean remembered she wasn’t home.

She sat on the edge of the bed and stared out, disoriented and watching the crashing waves. After a moment, she opened the window, letting the mist cover her naked breasts.

She turned to look at the shadows in the room. It was sparse, with only the bed, a fireplace, and a wall of 180-degree windows several thousand feet from shore. A person was sleeping soundly beneath the covers, her movement, and screams not causing even a stir.

She turned back toward the window, meditating to the sounds, listening to seagulls, and tearing up at the sunrise. All of the love she felt was outside of that room. That realization was the nightmare that woke her up and caused her to run.

One year ago, a dream woke me from sleep, and I sat up in bed, feeling as if someone was making love to me.

I turned to look at the shadows in the room. There was a pile of clothes, an unread collection of books, a desk, a computer, a bed, three empty walls, and one with a dream-catcher. The sound of an air conditioner conflicted with outside traffic. A person was sleeping soundly beneath the covers, my movements causing a slight stir.

I was still smiling an hour later, before lying back down and closing my eyes. All of the love I felt was inside of me, and it was that dream that continues to bring me peace and causes me to stay, and believe.

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