Eating Energy

How do you determine the perfectly proportioned from the sublimely over-satiated?
Is it in the plate, on the body, in the expression, or part of our fingerprints?
Can you look at me and tell where my gorge ends, and yours begins?

Sickness often visits when we eat upon one another, either in false hunger or real lust, indoctrinated to the idea that what we need comes from other planets beyond our reach.

Why do we fly to space, only to return home in isolation?
Why do we mask our love, and ask others to wear our costumes?

Meditation is not something I practice with regularity, partially because I’m unreconciled with separating love from all energy. Reconciliation has been on my mind lately, but really always. Peaceful resolution that involves more than two parties invites the pain of false celebration.

If there is a third, it should in my opinion, be part of the two, and if it isn’t, it almost always creates handicap. Knowledge and perception are equal parts internal wisdom, not separate parts external opinion. Never has anyone been responsible for healing my relationship with another that we had not already come together to heal. It is in blindfolding oneself to unwavering definitions of right and wrong, that allows people to hear one another on the common ground of compassion, and there is no facilitator in the world that can heal another’s eyesight on such a platform, without judging what they believe to be correct, except the aforementioned third, who tends always to be responsible for joining the two.

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