F O R E V E R & A Day

On rare occasions, we encounter a person we’ll be inclined to place on a pedestal. Sometimes we’ll know why, and other times we won’t. Even rarer, we’ll be inspired to reach or ascend to the place we envision them to exist within.

Have you ever felt like your arms weren’t long enough, your legs weren’t strong enough, or your mind wasn’t consistent enough to touch them?

If so, then like me, maybe one day you’ll stop reaching to finally settle.

Not the settling that gives up or gives in, but the settling that happens when fresh soil is placed atop new seed. It doesn’t make sense to scatter your home every which way except directly north and surrounding the growth it intends to support. It took a lot of dying for me to find my way home, and a lot of perspective to view everyone in life as helping me along.

No matter how deeply you bury your Love, placing someone on a pedestal can feel as if their vantage point of you is from the clouds. Over time, that sensation goes away, replaced by an awareness that they’re watching over you in their way, and growing Love in that same soil.

Some days gratitude feels as cooped up as those with executive orders not to leave their homes under the guise of fear masked as safety. You’ll want to dig until you start sweating dirt, or until your arms get so tired that tears push your mouth open to drink, forcing you to stop and seek water from swallowing false preservation. When the reality of not being able to touch seed directs you to shallow breathing, look up at the clouds, drink lots of water, then pour it back into the ground, moving all that soil back to where it belongs.

Some days you’ll tear up so bad that you’ll want to let go, cause wanting and needing feel so similar. Want is like staring at the sun, hoping your eyesight will keep you warm, but need is staring at that same sun, knowing you’ll be warmed, whether it stays in the sky or shifts to the other side of the world.

Regardless of the time of day or night, no one has the power to release the sun eternally. Love will grow to be so delicate and sturdy that the lines between pedestals, clouds, sunrises, and sunsets will blur. You’ll nurture yourself, inspired to keep hydrated, grateful, and joyful in your role as soil, seed, and gardener alike. Eventually, you won’t care about what comes up; you’ll only care that it does, and every prayer made will be for a life that sprouts anywhere so long as it knows the peace of nurturing.

If you allow it, Grace will make footprints within your mind directing the necessary steps for joining hearts on equal foundations, such that meeting in Love occurs below the clearest of skies, and upon the tenderest of soil, forever and a day.

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