Tapered To Be Used

Visitors pose against
Tapered backdrops
Seeking empowerment
Through paraffin dadaism
Huddled together in the dark
Wearing the scent of home
Ironic in their purpose
Awaiting fire’s permission
To be light

Fanning the flames
Always the tempest
Never the temptress
Too beautiful for sailing
Upon raging waves of
Untouched scentsation

They filled her with
Then closed the

Forfeiting shifting temperatures
She became a stranger
In every home

My grandmother had a china cabinet, and as a child, it was a piece of furniture that baffled me, because it was used only for the purpose of display. Grandmother wasn’t a china cabinet personality, and we didn’t have a china cabinet family. Nothing of my upbringing could be described using the word ‘formal’ and be true. It was one of those things observed but never questioned, not until my first marriage.

Someone suggested I order two wedding cakes, one solely for the purpose of freezing to have on our one year wedding anniversary. And I did, because someone else said it was tradition. I didn’t have a template for tradition, so assumed that spending money was part of its formality. But I thawed that cake out and ate it two weeks after marriage, because I like cake, and because that’s how long it took me to find the idea of saving it didn’t suit what I believed.

I’m not the type to display or save things for what others might consider ‘special occasions’ or ‘traditional gatherings’. I don’t have cigars in humidors for ‘special company’, china for ‘special gatherings’, wine for ‘special events’, or lsd for ‘special moments’.

Life is challenging enough, with wearing ‘special clothes’ for ‘traditional roles’, and ‘blank faces’ for ‘traditional emotions’. So when I’m home, I use everything contained within.

Firewood burns, candles are lit, baths are drawn, wine is poured, dishes are used, and cake is eaten. Nothing is allowed to stay in drawers unused, and on the occasion it is, I give it away, because anything unused around and within us, can find purpose in another’s life; whether it be darkness or light, as they are one and the same.

Love on display and unused serves no value. So tradition, however defined, is best served upon the presence of our fragile lives.

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