Purple [c] Lover

after another’s preening
i sat in the salon chair, my face red
slapped by vanity

when “i don’t care” transforms to tears
the foundation of royalty rocks
so i dyed my hair purple

as a temporary reminder of the beautiful
sovereignty flowing through the follicles in
my veins

i even put it on overactive lips
to satisfy my tongues endless desire
to savor the intensity of life
outside of requisite death

it tasted like wood sorrel
reminding me of the promises
found in hiding and isolation

i was a girl
running from men
wanting to taste me

who hid on hills surrounded
by yellow flowers that looked
liked clovers

i was a girl
running from hunger
wanting to taste life

who sucked beauty from
the sour luck of nature’s
protective stem cells

now i am a woman
standing still in fullness
majestically in Love

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