I was raped. Now I’m dead. Do this.

I was raped
By one
By many
Often enough
To think it normal

Often enough
To think fear and pain

Put them on trial ?
Seek justice ?
Kill them ?

They have died
Before me, and
Their mortal
Will not return
To your arms

I am dead, but
I am Love

Do not die in
The arms of
Seductive vengeance

Instead of life
She births death

Execute forgiveness
Embrace peace
Exemplify Love

Neither vengeance nor peace are paths absent trial and error, but only one the soul finds rest upon. Anger lasts momentarily, grief for a season, and pain for a lifetime. If there is a life absent sorrow, never did I meet upon that train. Everything believed to have been taken was found long before my eyes touched upon their final rest. It is my wish in death, as once it was in life, to be only love.

Therefore, you can only honor my soul by exemplifying what I believe all are destined to embrace. Through forgiveness, you Love me again, and forever.

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