There’s A Love That’s Divine

There are moments that lifetimes find me ill-dressed for the dance that would express my love for you.

There are moments that lifetimes find me ill-equipped with the language that would be adequate to thank you for the warmth.

There are moments that every imaginable sentiment wells up, recognizable to every writer typing through tears.


To release an emotion, a whirlwind of passion that words can in seconds assuage, to replace a kiss and hug that the writer might die were it not to find external expression.

My body trembles with what feels to be wanting, but is known to be need. My only obligation at this moment is to express love.

To express it clearly, that it is not of question and that it not be the cause of questions that inhibit rest or sleep.

Do you know anyone you have not loved in the way desired?

If so, then I wish for you to know the freedoms required for expression, and that among all unknowns – I love you.

I wish for you such a profound assurance of love that you can rest your heart and dreams upon the same pillow, and that it be eased from the intensity known only by those souls who feel so deeply that their beds have become space stations of exploration rather than rest.

Always, my heart sends peace.

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