Cords That Break

Tenderness exists in
The devoted light of
Streaming dawn

He is an abundant gift and
Impossible possession

Reminiscent of merit
Burrowed beneath
Sacrificial years


Gracing time with seconds

Delicately healed by

With infinite compassion
Allow pain to leak from the
Corners of your lips
Like milk

That with a kiss I might
Taste the spice of our
Unfathomable death

Let us allow the rivers
To rise against Life

Until rocks forms upon
My lips in invitation
To your tongue

That you taste the
Light waves formed
In the rising of
Our eyes

May the vibration of
Our bending minds
Erase the existence
They’ve placed in

Through the penetrating
Torture of reflection
Our windows of
Abandonment shall break

May we breathe and love forever
Without obstruction

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