How Else?

“When I said I do, I meant that I willโ€ฆ”

Were the lyrics I was singing when out of nowhere the hands in my mind had been granted
freedom to create trails over my body.

The car was full, the light was red, and I stopped singing to say,
“Oh my God, I felt thatโ€ฆ”

“What?” they asked.

I didn’t answer because I’d been struck silent, stuck somewhere between an orgasm, a gas gauge
alerting me to fill up, and home.

You were all three.

My ‘I Do’ doesn’t come with a standard promise, symbolic ring, or ceremony. In fact, it doesn’t even come with a body. It’s a commitment activated by a spiritual presence in remembrance of what has been placed in my heart. No one in this world has been able to convince me otherwise, but if I am found to have been steered wrong, I will always believe it to be for the right reasons.

I listen to and follow my heart, even as the world outside explodes in antagonism, hoping to cover me in powdered doubt, that I might confuse it with sweet confection.

I am changing – You are changing, otherwise, how else can ‘we’ be?

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