r e c o g n i z a n c e

The scene of the crime
Shall become the touch of healing
The unseen consequences
Shall become visionaries of peace


Children are natural explorers, “leaving no stone unturned“.

The man in the video is who every child once was, recognizing something out of a nothingness often seen in adult eyes. Our instinct seeks the richness of things hidden, walked over, and discarded. We recognize ourselves in every treasure found through intention, and the treasures we find by accident lead us into precious territory that well up in us a sense of protectingness. We effort to protect the land because her exposure has protected us.

Imagine if everyone sought to discover the enrichment hidden within the other. Wouldn’t that reveal a multitude of hearts we could in exclamation say are “big ‘ole nice un’s and nice ‘ole big un’s”?

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