How long can birds feed without water?

It’s in everyone’s gardening packet, but gets spilled over many an infertile place.

Sex is a seed that begets what can’t be kept in order to heal what can.


A person can live a lifetime mourning the sense of belonging to someone that chose not to keep them – a someone they never belonged to.

Teachings lead to the idea we belong to our parents, spouses, family members or societies, but when they don’t adhere to the care of us, as belonging would seem to imply, it’s natural to assume that either they or us are damaged.


What leads one to water a dying tree but another to observe it and walk away that it be free to continue its process uninterrupted?

Does the one watering the tree believe they can return it to vitality from its spring of hope, and does the other have no belief, no hope, or no care?

And whether watered or not, returning to health or not, are external believers and non-believers responsible for our life or death?

I’m nowhere between young and old. I’m just the face and body of an assigned age, and sometimes not even that. In this life, I’ve thus far not belonged to anyone, and there is a challenge to overcome the thought of difference existing between being watered and not, that I might accept without so many questions, the idea that inspissation begets thirst, just as over-consumption begets drowning, and that vitality is poured only from, or restricted only by internal wells.

The ones I cried out to as parents were not whom I was born to, so it was natural to assume all of us were damaged, and to replant in grounds capable of greater fertility, that wells not be dug in vain.

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