T o . R e a c h

They were in uniform
Impeccably groomed
Every back was straight
Each face solemn
Focused on the podium

Recently, I overheard a man addressing his team to say,

“I love you. I love each and every one of you.”

I looked twice cause he said it softly, appeared sober, and had the demeanor and physique of someone who might be able to kill a tiger with a look or his bare hands. After expressing love, he continued to speak without missing a beat.

I’m no one to question what love meant to him, or puzzle his reasons for expression, but overhearing him gave me some kind of secret joy. He didn’t pause for an expected response, and was big and strong, yet also soft and sweet.

Had I not heard a thing, I suspect to have still felt honored to be near a group of folks living so deeply in belief of an impossible dream
, and considered that maybe love was their fuel to fight for others with the same belief.

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