P r o t o t y p e

Majesty is an experience that speaks without a voice and moves to beat drums that can only be heard in the ears of those with enlightened awareness.

Leigh M. Leitner

To share ourselves and our experiences with one another is part of being human, but for some, there are parts of ourselves and experiences that must be protected, not because it can be taken from us, but because there exists a profanity in misunderstanding that rushes to judgment.

We are a sequence of panorama’s forever in the throes of rebirth and reinvention, and none have the right to blur the intricacies of our growing excellence with the diminishing of their courage.

It is not our duty to make clean or clear another’s thoughts, nor should it become our task to conceptualize multidimensional love into social simplicity, that it gain mainstream acceptance.

I’ve lived and died to multiple fantasies and realities, having never witnessed anyone mourn my death nor celebrate my birth. It doesn’t mean such occurrences haven’t existed, but does suggest that spiritual experiences, like those deemed majestic, are recognized through others by something other than sight and sound.

To touch another and find more than warmth, can teach us to recognize pain in perfection, and intense joy in quiet desperation. It might also challenge us not to stare at what isn’t visible, allowing sight to become disability, and override the peaceful knowing that Love always finds a way to not only stand, but to dance in grace.

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