It Can Tell Yet Not Acknowledge

It tells the wounded soldier to
Keep walking, without looking
Down to see he’s lost his legs

It tells the man to be a good
Son, without acknowledging the
Knives his mother has placed in
His heart

It tells the woman to be a good
Wife, without acknowledging the
The presence of abandonment in
Her husband

It tells the man in the theater
To stop coughing, without
acknowledging he’s been diagnosed
With emphysema

It tells man and woman alike to take
The lead, without acknowledging that
Stillness is spiritual hemoglobin
To those tired from seeking
Rest in life

It is the self telling the self to
Keep going, without acknowledging
A shortness of breath that
Accompanies vertigo with each step

Encouragement without compassion is like a knife with a dull blade that tells a story of all the things you can cut, without acknowledging the ways in which the journey might find easier success through being sharpened first.

Encouragement without compassion is like reminding everyone that it won’t always rain, without acknowledging the joy in tears.

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