a p a r t

We are film
Poured over
Naked avatars

Hibernating in
Human skin

Senses with an
Unbroken spell of
Curious fantasies

That projects
Across the mind

Putting things in stone and on walls once scared me, until I met a rock who allowed me to paint upon him a memory, which he held in his hands before pressing along my walls in a pattern recognizable only by my soul. I’d never been touched by hands so wildly immersed in hues of blue, and when it happened, I knew I didn’t want any other hands but his to touch me again.

Presence, eyes, grace; an unnameable something within him gave me something I’d not conceived, couldn’t articulate, but wanted very much to understand, give myself to, and touch in return. I don’t know if we were for a moment apart, and remembered, or if we remembered, and are now a moment apart. I’ve come to terms with what it means to live for the greater good, and patiently await the greater good to come to terms with me.

The subconscious has yet to reveal the closing credits, so instead projects the lovers body upon mine in daydreams. We kiss with an innocent seduction that begs the appraisal of the others pulse with fingers motivated to erect sound from the vibrations of silent anticipation. The longer the reel spins, the deeper he is suspended inside of me, endlessly ejaculating into my imagination the fluids of his passionate heart.

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