2 . S I D E S

Sitting at far ends of the table
They reach out their hands
Touching the
At the same time

Eating them silently
Articulating flavors
In their gaze

They stop chewing
As the sun sets
Saving room
Three words
For dessert

The space between
As they stand inches

Sharing a decorative
One whispers, I want you
The other, I need you

Spoon feeding Love in a
A Kiss

There were windows in the dream, and in each frame everything looked the same. There were books piled miles high on a kitchen table, and they all looked the same. All I could see outside was the hope he’d painted, and the only words I felt hungry enough to eat were his. Upon waking, I felt an urgent need to stand on the other side of the window, and remove his hunger with my Love.

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