Children raised in taigas of unpronounceable parenting tend to speak in wet articulations
Words travel from heart to hand, where gesticulating strikes the lip of an unspeakable gong

Stuttering is the anxiety of patronized meaning
That wags its uncontained tail in observance of Man’s undiagnosed merit

Burdened and bound to striptease wars pleasurably waged by their naked eye
Children become amorous flutes of gurgling champagne imaginations


When biology weakens the processing of Love, a parody of failure imposes itself to Child and Parent alike / Child is extension and oft becomes a Spirit its parents didn’t swallow / Thus the child becomes Instrument pouring bubbles of hope into the looking glass of Love’s mouth / Passion is the oral tradition of becoming / Nakedness is its predecessor / Thus passion Birth’s extension, the paradigm of failure’s success

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