C h e r r y . W h i n e

There are no more children
Playing outside. Bikes are
Vintage rusty reminders of
A yesteryear where picking
Berries is confused with
Picking cotton. There is no
More nature growing outside.
Children are theoretical
Wheelbarrow reminders of
The color red. A color
Confused with anger and
Passion. The fruits of our
Blood pick fake mercenary
Revolutionaries to wear
Never knowing the cost of
Their T-Shirts, Tires, or
Technical Responsibilities

Parenting. Observing Parenting.
Children are hard-coded DNA.
Parenting hopes to understand
The structure of cells they’ve
Inherited and re-created; To
Place efforts towards refinement.
Some parenting.
Every species undergoes identification.
What is our lineage known for, and
Do we care to keep tradition?

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