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s o u l – d r u m m i n g

Sorrow beats at my door
Like a woodpecker
That has forgotten the
Shapes and colors of nature

Peaking through my curtains
I’m in awe at her beauty
Imagining the sound of her
Persistent drum as a forlorn song

She massages me with
Impatience as I place my
Back against the door
Before sliding to the ground

The wood greets me with
A cold winter slap to my
Bum — Unapologetic to my
Surprise and sudden tears

The woodpecker has left
As a violin in the distance
Plays a ceremonial song of
Courtship and Love

My recognition is fearful
Not finding pleasure in
Unnatural greetings and
Echoes of silent promise

No roots have I to be
The tree
No romance have I
To be the courted
No word have I
To warrant sound

Why does the door
To my heart have
Guards at watch
In worlds unseen

How do they watch
Yet not feel pulled
To comfort me?

It is in the sun
That my words
Assign burden
To Heaven

While the moon
Drives my soul
To the unmarked
Grave of my baby

Where I apologize
For the weakness
Embedded in my
Chemical makeup

Please do not read
My stories to find
Meaning from a
Keeper of ghosts

My heart is a
Sacrilege to all
Kingdoms of
Noble deed

Direct your

For in my lonely
You will find only
An uncarved angel
Directing dreams

Vanished in feeble
In answer to the
Drumming of an unheard


  1. Love, lust and depression
    or any other strong feeling
    can give us a big surprise
    when we’ve less expect it.

    It can be a great monster,
    mad dog, wolf, nightmares
    or as little as a woodpecker.

    Can sweep us from our feet
    but knowing how to win it
    with proper help & support
    it will leave fast as a flicker.

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    • Thank you for reading and for your efforts to expend encouraging energy.
      Strong feelings at times seem overwhelmingly burdensome, but always lead me to experiencing deep love.

      The monsters eventually meet with angels in an ebb and flow of intense sorrow and deep peace.

      It is okay to be swept off our feet, as long as we can find a way to stand again, but for those who can’t, I agree that help and support can bring them to balance.
      But I’d never want for my monsters to leave, for without them, I’d have no need of angels, and vice-versa.

      There are some with great intestinal fortitude, who utilize their surprises as fuel for their passions, and if their surprises and passions are the same animal, a new and greater species can be birthed.

      All is impermanent, so help and support are ethereal concepts, tending to have concrete form in a temporary manner, with no guarantee of victory or peace depending on ones intent, for even the dove will kill his prison mate, simply for existing in the same prison. True emotions expressed with care may have need to burn much more brightly than a flicker, as their light may be the spark needed for internal fires, or they may be the warmth needed for a bystander that feels to be cold and alone.

      To receive care in response to interpreted need can bring great healing to not only the lonely or depressed; but to all the world.

      Thank you again – your kindness in encouraging word is appreciated.


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