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5-Dimensional Vertex

I wonder if he recalls my mentioning four dimensions

Instead of devouring its layered meaning
I communicated from the fullness of disbelief
He was so far out of my league
An illegitimate league of one

He knows I sometimes panic, and that to others it appears
As sorrow, angst, exhaustion, or anger
But it’s only panic, a hyperventilating of loneliness that
Forgets that air is okay to breathe, and
Dangerous to fight

He’s a teacher, and I think instruction was born into his
[he]Art, but to others it sometimes appears as arrogance
But it’s only panic, a hyperventilating of sorrow that
Knows people are rarely okay to trust, and even more
Dangerous to befriend

We are like everyone else that has turned their
Experiences to beliefs and tenets of wisdom to
Live by
But we are different in the way we have loved
One another with such loyalty

It is a Love where expectation and demand has
Fallen away into an inherent gift of
Pure rawness

He taught me that the simplicity of my writing
Voice, and candor in my thoughts and words

Are the parts of me that resonate more than
Any others I may attempt to dress and impress

I am forever grateful he isn’t like the others, and
thankful he didn’t leave me alone, because
Although I’m independent, strong, and capable

I’m sometimes not

When I drop the ice cream cone of my
Then look around and observe others

His spirit does something to me
That makes me look at the cone and
The ice cream differently

Suddenly, I see dreams on the ground
As nothing more than a temporary
Relocation and postponement to my
Taste buds

I don’t think he would understand in a million years
How the spirit of his heart has made my life sweeter

And if that’s not the point of Love’s vertex, I don’t know what is


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