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Love to Lust & Making Scents

How does one place a timid
Kiss on the cheek of another
When thoughts have been
Focused on ravishing their

Surely a greeting by hug
Would qualify as foreplay
As her mind will have
Undressed him on sight
At the thought of hugging
Him skin to skin

Perhaps most challenging
Would be looking into one
Another’s eyes
To confirm the long known
Truth, and to face the
Fear of drowning in a
Seemingly unavoidable
Flood of Emotional,
Spiritual and Physical

The power of their
Combined energy
Makes it impossible
To consider time alone
Where Lust is not in

They should consider
Her needs and invite
Her to the conversation
Should there be one
Before her interruption

Their love is purposed
Yet delicate enough
To survive on the
Breeze of a feather

Their lovemaking is fire
Waving wands of desire
Aligning planets to birth
Shooting arrows to stars
Gifting heaven to the moon

Their intensity naturally
Bares gifts of pleasure
While soliciting the
Attendance of tears

They refuse to keep their
Hands at their sides
Or in their pockets
At the sight of the

They tire of fighting
A wild dream more
In truth and hope
Than their wildest
Past and present

They tire of looking
Upon watercolors,
Pencils and papers
In their supply and
The ever-nearing
Expiration of their
Drifting breaths

They tire of giving
To voiceless things
That echo in the
Returning only a
That rages the
Dials of an internal
Spinning in
Unexpressed pleasure
And proprietary purity

They tire of wandering
The Earth
Avoiding the state of
Sculptured in their
Words and formerly
Chipped by
Storms of Despair

They seek everything
The world has to offer
Yet want no more than
To share the hopeful
Melodies that glide
Effortlessly to and
Fro the rays of their
Evolutionary Hearts

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