they added him for effect, a ruse to pull heartstrings
he was in his sixties and didn’t have any friendsโ€จ
they said it was because he was homeless
for ten minutes they had me in rapt attention

he was me, and i was him, but in a few more
decades, a lot more plants and a few more cats
and it made sense, psychologically, but
i didn’t think i wanted to be him

i disagreed in a way and thought maybe it wasn’t
because he’d grown up homeless that he didn’t have
friends; perhaps he was friendless cause he’d made
himself his home

to live amongst the carvings of his environment
to find contentedness with plants and animals
to know from where they come and his purpose in
their service and to him in return

to know the way they will eventually go
to create a home of love based on nature
he shows what warmth there is in having less
home, not more

when intelligent living becomes purposefully skewed in the public eye to suggest a tale of tragedy, it’s often in hopes that the pull of heartstrings loosens those of the purse.

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