His name doesnโ€™t leave her lips but he hears her call his name
The image doesnโ€™t leave her screen but he knows the pose is for him
When she touches herself it is his face she sees, his name she calls
He’s made no promises and she knows he may never return
As he holds her in spirit she physically holds herself for him

She is tattooed on his lips and she hears him say her name
His screen saves her image and he contemplates his pose
When he touches himself it is her face he sees, her name he whispers
She promised undying love and he knows she may never disappear
As she holds him in spirit he physically releases himself

Yet still he held her hand
Since him untouched
She is freed by his embrace

His melancholy is part of her
Her joy is part of him
Between the two roams the peace of Love
No words… No touch… No physical proof…

Peace is the River that need not wait to calm before flowing in Love

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