“What’s your best guess?” asked the instructor.

She didn’t think it was a fair question because he wasn’t looking for the truth. He was looking for the pre-populated answer in their textbooks so she put her head down as the students near her raised their hands.

He instead called her name. Again.

She looked up at him then down at her book then up at him again.

“I don’t know,” she said.

“I don’t know is not a best guess. Try again,” the instructor prompted.

She didn’t particularly care for the instructor because he knew most of her answers would prompt classroom laughter.

She sighed loudly before speaking again.

“My guess is that the answer can only be perceived in action because the world is a spectacle and if we are to have complete dominance as a species then we must take note of the fact that dominion does not exist in word because words place limitations on a limitless mind. You’ve asked for guesses but none should be deemed best simply because our speech echoes the publishers ink and the authors thoughts once upon a time.

The archaeologist is a tourist of fantasies realized beneath the stars. He descends the stairs and digs because he knows this truth, that mans past actions reveals his guesses. He uses his findings as tools to improve upon the foundations of not just his life but upon all those with whom he is affiliated, with all whom he has been given power to share his findings with but always he begins with himself.

My guess is that whatever answer transcends world impressions and leads to further creation leads also to government improvement. Self-government. There is no other.

Once we determine where mans guesses have allowed cracks in his foundations we can move forward to create stronger fabrics. It is not possible to leave the site of his pain behind because it can never be unseen. Creation is most often found in the ruins, rarely in the concrete,” she finished.

The instructor and the class were silent in her answer and again she put her head down as she forgot what the question was.

Though much in life will be carried away as it undergoes examination, we must remain fortified in the knowledge that none can take away the love promised us since the beginning of time

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