“Did you ever have friends whose stomach hurt?”

“Every one of them.”

While on a classroom field trip to see what parachuting is like a young girl sits last in line behind her classmates and begins crying.  She’s watched the professionals perform their stunts for twenty minutes and now she’s wearing her jumpsuit and helmet preparing for her introductory flight.  She scared and begins crying and when her teacher asks her what’s wrong she tells her she doesn’t want to do it.  The teacher sits down next to her and gives her a hug then offers up all the reasons she might enjoy it and why she should try it anyways.  The girls calms only slightly but agrees to go last. 

A shy and intelligent boy loves legos, math and art but doesn’t care to play with other children.  His father knows he would excel if he joined the local lego league and when he suggests it to the boy he cries and begs his father not to enroll him.  His father finds information about the league, including photos that illustrate the types of projects created as well as the trips taken in competition in order to share it with his son.  When the son learns more about what is expected his fear of the other children is slightly calmed so he agrees to go to an introductory meeting.

Another boy loves his tiny keyboard piano but has run out of things to play so his mother suggests he take piano classes.  A bold child he responds not in fear but with impatience.  He doesn’t believe taking piano classes will help him play his tiny keyboard better nor does he believe it will help him do anything else.  His mother explains how the piano is larger and can do more than his keyboard and with this information he agrees to take the classes but he does something else too, he asks his Mom to buy him a ‘real’ piano.

A poor young woman with no college education needs a job so checks the classifieds daily for new positions available in her small town. One day she finds a company that sounds great to work for but one of the requirements is a college degree. She knew she could do the job if they gave her a chance but she was scared to apply because she didn’t want to look stupid.  For three nights in a row she walked from her apartment to the office building to see what the walk felt like and on the fourth day she stopped by and filled out an application.

A man sees a woman he finds attractive so observes her for a long while. There is something about her he can’t put his finger on yet he’s drawn to put his fingers on her.  He wants to ask her out but is afraid for many reasons. One day his curiosity gets the best of him and he kisses her.

Today the girl is a parachute instructor in her local town; the lego boy is a STEAM educator; the piano boy is an accomplished musician; the woman is a business owner and the man, well, he married that woman.

You’ve heard this story before and you’ll hear it again as long as you read or write stories because life doesn’t happen until we release fear and we need to remind ourselves of this fact.

When we operate in fear we give our power to people and circumstances and with that our vital energy transitions to darkness where manifesting our purpose takes a backseat in order to live out life in the routines of our forefathers, none who died smiling.

When we act in faith we release fear and take back our power to live a life intended and this is what returns us to light, resurfaces purpose and provides the vision and courage to create our circumstances. We’ll still screw up along the way but fucking up our own art is better than being told we’re the canvas and the brush of someone else’s fucked up manifestations. Besides, when it’s our own, it’s a “…happy little accident…” – Bob Ross

Do not allow fear to be the vessel where your dreams disappear

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