We live under the radar
Open to the road
The rage of others
Not welcoming
Just open

Vaguely in memory sits
A couched mention of poverty
Expected to arrive soon

How I longed to kiss the pause
In your tentative laugh

How I longed to make you come
Away from poor thought

How I longed to reflect richness
Your richness
To you

Angry was my heart
At adept spirits
Those in poverty
Living in spotlights
Shining like diamonds
Having stolen your iron core

Sad was my soul
At the parades
The charades
The soul plays

How I longed to kiss your pause
That lived under the radar

Dreaming of me

Reopening possibilities
Recreating lost art

How I longed to be touched
In your tentative vision

How my body longed to express
Its awakening in your template

Abiding in all places
The projection of all minds
A hidden tantra living under the radar

Your heart
My heart
The Kamasutra

How I long to love you as the Piano
That my ears dance in your joy
As my soul lingers
Within your tears

How I long to know you through fingers that find the keys to open your heart

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