C H O O – C H O O


You’ve driven to three cities in one hour only to realize you didn’t plan your day well. Hungry you decide securing food will ensure the first success of the day.  Somewhere between apricots and raw meat you are approached while wearing ear buds and listening to your phone.  You don’t hear what the unassuming and casually athletic young woman has said so you remove an earbud.  She steps slightly closer to tell you how cute your sandals are.  You thank her, she nods and smiles but in the micro-expressions you are highly attuned to, you find an inordinate amount of effusiveness in her “You’re welcome” response as she walks away.


A) Decide the energy of one or more crazy motherfuckers are highly intimated by little ‘ole you and seeking to scare you with their fear

B) Decide the energy of one who cares about you is seeking ways to show you are being watched over and protected

C) Decide you have wasted your entire life’s purpose in the illumination that you should be a sandal model


If a, may prayers assist in said crazy motherfuckers getting their shit together.

If b, may prayers assist in revealing that light which aims to hide in truth yearns to be found. Tag, “You’re it”.

If c, get the pedicure of the century, foot insurance and a summer sandal talent agent.

If none of the above and one or more choices calls to you, then write them out and live accordingly cause what you see is only what you get when refusing to look further than what is before you and within your possession.  Sins placed on a billboard costs but a moments downtrodden countenance and perhaps a sheepish grin while concurrently the marketers pockets shall be turned inside out with no place to hide ‘cept the empty caverns of their accidental souls. 

Institutions pretend you are limitless while contradicting themselves with “do not proceed beyond the materials presented” tests. Man does not have power to define for other men their choices in life any more than they have power to inject them with their fear, lest it be accepted as the fluoride in our water.  To believe otherwise is akin to slavery and while we do not judge beliefs, we urge you to consider trading, to offer boxing gloves to all worldly opponents as you drop kick them to face the shame they childishly attempt to paint others with.

Remember the inheritance as you move forward in the spirit of the Untouchables.  You are the safe where within there are stacks of currency awaiting use and urging you to pay for your life in love.  You are a vault of self-fulfilling prophesy and standing strong to illuminate and reproduce the promise.  

Believe you are hated and you invite hatred. Believe you are loved and you invite love.

The Love Train screams “All Aboard!” every second.
No RSVP needed.