The road cracked, fire raged and smoke escaped an earth that parted like the Red Sea.

“Why are you walking towards it? There’s smoke! There’s fire! It’s breaking!” the crowd screamed as they ran in the other direction.

She stopped momentarily to see if any had stopped or turned to come back for her. When they didn’t she answered and though surely they couldn’t hear above their frantic screams she softly spoke her truth.

“You are running from what appears to be division yet it breaks to unify us. Nature desires to sow in warmth and faith promises to see us safely to the other side because our lives were meant to be lived in the fire” the woman answered.

She knew the purpose of their service and she knew that after they crossed they would not return on foot but on eagles wings.

“The mystic uses their intuition a great deal, and endeavors to see into the future and to look beyond appearances. The mystic reads othersโ€™ souls and hearts. A mystic does everything they can to rise up above suffering and despair; they go past the clouds and so glimpse the Sun; being both on their own and connected to the great All, they never forget that to accomplish great things we must be able to do small ones perfectly. The mystic knows that duty well carried out is an act of love and of service; and that for the service to have its full meaning, it must be selfless. It must be a gift of oneself to others, joyously agreed to, and not undergone as a great sacrifice. Love and giving should not be likened to suffering and renunciation, quite the reverse: were this the case, it would no longer be a question of love, but of masochistic behavior. True service only gives rise to good feelings, and expects nothing in return.”

Christian Bernard

The soul of the mystic lives within all and cannot thrive on water alone.

The soul aches to burn, to blaze from within and spread its flames like eagles wings where the wind beneath warms the cold to dispel the dark that threatens the freedom of its breeze that fuels the fire.

The soul yearns to dance and choreograph love until synchronization calls it home.