Evie sat weeping in the chair next to her sister’s hospital bed. Her sister Sarah had been in a coma for three days and she’d been weeping just as many.

The priest was on his way to administer Sarah’s last rites and Evie was only able to pull herself together in increments of seconds before returning to tears. She wasn’t sure if Sarah was still a practicing Catholic or whether she even believed in G-d anymore but called the priest just in case.

She herself had left the church in anger twenty years prior but had kept her mothers rosary after she passed away and used it that morning because when they were little, the divine chaplet prayer had been Sarah’s favorite.

Sarah was five years younger than Evie and had been sick with cancer that was once upon a time in remission but that was ten years ago, now a meaningless victory against the cancer that had ravaged her body over the last year and brought her to the final hour of her life on earth.

The sisters had not been close since childhood and were the last alive in their blood line neither having ever married or birthing children. Evie couldn’t be sure whether the source of her sorrow was from a childhood she remembered or a childhood she never had.

As she waited for the priest all she could think of was mercy. Mercy for everyone’s suffering, freedom from their pain and peace in divine love.