♥ d ♥

Holding the pen in her hand and poised over the checkbox she paused while staring at the word and what it meant.

Anyone who might glance at her checklist would consider she was almost to goal because 90% of the items had been checked off.

For whatever reason she couldn’t bring herself to check off the next item on the list. Not only that but she’d complicated it because each day she’d found more to add such that getting to 100% seemed impossible, implausible and likely held an element of self-sabotage, one of fears faithful riding partners.

It was uncanny how this list resonated with every goal list she’d ever prepared for herself with the only difference being this one unticked box:

Needing to think more on what she was asking herself to do she put down the pen and went outside for a walk. Upon her return she picked up the list to modify the task by adding the letter ‘d’ at the end.

Placing a checkmark next to the box she suddenly felt lighter.

Everyone teeters on Life and Love’s lift ups and let downs.
Never un-erestimate how one Letter can alter a person’s outlook on the ri-e an- the lan-ing.