Not everyone appreciates or understands the basics of whatโ€™s been placed under a hood. Some consider transmission incomplete without modification while affirming that nickel alloy is pennies on the dollar in order to seek diamond engravings that will alter whatever necessary to stand out, move faster and turn heads easier in the grand crowd.

Driving on Highway 69 both a Pinto and Lamborghini are asked to adhere to a 65 mile per hour speed limit but the Pinto broke the law to arrive at a different yet expansive destination while the Lamborghini got stuck in traffic and re-routed to a remote desert highway.

A car and its standard issue engine are no different than a human with its standard issue mind. Sometimes itโ€™s true that replacing parts and modifying the engine makes for a better ride but sometimes how you use whatโ€™s already under the hood is the more fulfilling journey.

Altering who we were born to be has the potential to make us shine like diamonds but for some, being made of steel is their intended vocation.

It is how, not what we navigate that exemplifies purpose. Our drive is the torque song of the many souls placed at rest within our hearts transmission.