“I realized that on some days I wouldn’t always be able to see so that was the end of that…”

He’d had flight lessons in his journey to become a pilot but decided he wasn’t as interested in flying planes as he thought so I asked why and that was his response.

It was something I’d not considered during my own flight lessons but likely because conditions were always clear and weather always agreeable to the task at hand.

Thinking on it I found his reasoning made perfect sense but would revisit the conversation when he got the itch several years later to write about Blue Angels.

I asked again why he didn’t become a pilot and he explained that it was something for kids to pursue and not for something a man of his age to embark upon.

Thinking on it I understood why he said what he said and even more understood how posing the exact same question stretched by the rubber band hand of time would yield a different answer.

Even so I no longer believed him and not because the first or second response was unbelievable but because I knew truth did not need to be visible in order for age to be considered viable.

Choosing not to pursue something because we don’t know where it will take us is to accept defeat before battle. Perhaps such choices leaves ones face without scars so that when eternally sleeping at their wake their visage will not intrude upon the sleeping eyes of those in attendance.

The truth is that there is no pursuit in life where we receive future confirmation of our wheels landing on the runway as exampled by the many flights failing to reach their intended destination regardless the number of humans invested in their arrival. The sky can be clear and still we are not guaranteed to see.

Life’s journey is spoken by our hearts speech and is destined to meet with applause, occasional silence and disapproval. So let it speak without fear of the audience’s response.

One day they will lay us down to sleep and it is not their approval we need to keep. Let them bury us in garments that scream ‘P A R A D I S E !’ , allow our faces to be hopelessly scarred and accompanied with an eternal smile.

May that be the vision that comes to them in their dreams when they cover us in dirt and may it remind them that anything ever dreamed was buried there first.