I stood pondering cat food ingredients to determine which might be healthiest and produce the least smelly cat poop when he first walked by.

After courteous smiles were exchanged I was struck by his face shape. It was like Rocky in the movie Mask. Long faces are not common generally so all stand out to me.

Still in the same spot five minutes later he returned down the same aisle, this time stopping with a big smile to ask if I have a finicky cat. He spoke as if he knew me and I laughed, told him I wasn’t sure just yet but that it was possible I was in the process of creating one.

He laughed and then began telling me the story of a sixteen year old pit bull his sister owns who was recently introduced to his seven month old pomeranian that he’d adopted.

He explained that he lives with his sister and that the pit bull was having a rough time because he’d lived alone for sixteen years. He said that when getting a dog a person should always get two so they always have each other when an adult isn’t around.

He was lively, expressive and smiling the entire time. He said the pit bull barks at the pomeranian all day even when the puppy sides its way next to him to seek affection unperturbed.

As he laughed I laughed and he walked away to pay for his goods. No formal goodbyes or good luck wishes.

I loved what his face reminded me of but even more I loved his story. It reminded me of love, how used to being alone some of us can get, how love doesn’t care and sidles up anyways reminding us that we are not supposed to be alone.

In fact, it finds ways to kiss us to prove that we are not.