She pines for you
Like a teenage girl who just received
Her first ever kiss on the front porch
Doodles hearts with arrows in her notepad
Every [i] is finalized with a circle and not a dot
Your last name is her last name
Written a thousand and one times
Performed amongst one million blue jays
Your photo and her photo, the dna required
To generate the album of your first child together
Only hours from her first kiss, she was holding your son

Obsession set in she moves on, only then

She pines for you like the woman she is
Touches herself in the yearning of you
Her room becomes a forest, your name a moan
She becomes a mystic, cums in ethereal strings
Strums her tongue like a guitar played
In seductive spanish patterns to match
Your writers voice rising with capo
Her mouth stops on your lyrics until
Bodies become tuned to shores
Rocked by rolling waves

Obsession satiated she moves on, only then

She knows that of all the lies sheโ€™s told herself
Moving on would be the biggest
She is therefore an unofficial friend while
Passion continues to unofficially exist within

Even when the sea places restrictions on the sky
Demanding it go dark and save its energy
That our love may demonstrate its power
To light up the planets and save the world

Obsession has taken on a peculiar form of solar panel healing.

To be continuedโ€ฆ