Was listening to something today about breaking soil to prepare it for seed. The person speaking was comparing it to how people are broken in the same way. It was to me an interesting perspective and fitting that it coincided with my decision to take a break from writing.

Since I’ve begun writing here, never have I not been in awe of the words and worlds created. I thought the words were therapy so have been giving myself heaping doses with each post.

Those of you that have followed me from the beginning or re-followed and read any of my nonsense, thank you. It has been appreciated. I’ve wanted to reach out, comment and connect on the beautiful work produced but my heart prevents me, knowing its propensity towards deep emotions and illusion.

Thank you for sharing your art.

I don’t suppose dreams actually live in words but somewhere off the page, somewhere I’ve failed to write myself to. Maybe one day I will learn to focus on dreams and not the words or songs trapped within them.

Much of what I’ve been listening to as of late has focused on measuring results.

Scared, Alone, Disconnected and Lonely. These are the results of my words. Never have I not been in awe of the world I’ve created.

Every day I light a candle regardless the weather or amount of light that comes into my room. I light it for love, passion, promise and peace. These things I never lost and saw also in you.

My prayer is that everyone’s dreams make it off the page.