Once upon a time She met an avatar She thought was a human.

He was kind. He was loving. He was Catholic. He was devoted to God. He said he loved her.

Once upon a time she married that avatar she thought was a human and once upon a time she divorced a shapeshifting being.

He was cruel. He was mean. He had no religion. He didn’t believe in a God. He said he loved her.

She wonders what a once upon a time clock sounds like to an avatar, what a memory of a grandfather means, whether there is some echo, some hollowed distinct tone that unveils the machinery beneath the smile leak, the caramel oil used to smooth taut vocal chords, give range to unsuspecting swings, answers to the knock, the hard knocks left when she answers the door, sees no one and looks down at the knuckles she’s cracked. Again.

She’s cracked. Again.