“Where are the fuckin’ flowers!”

It’s not an exclamation made just for gardeners; it’s for anyone that has felt they’ve spent much too long on their knees toiling, tilling, praying, wishing and waking up every day to the water the same mound of dirt that reveals to them no signs of life.

Why flowers and not carrots? Cause carrots are food and poverty en mass is difficult but sufferable.

But flowers?

Flowers are the pride of a gardeners tender care. ย When they fail to bloom he begins to wonder upon his part, whether he’d been neglectful or too doting. It is the wonder of all wonders that leads to loneliness and too long unattended, all loneliness becomes intolerable.

When you’re out about your day, rest assured that all who cross your path are gardener’s of some kind, so be love and nurture them with a smile.

Such kindness is the sunshine that dispels a gardener’s pride and fear. ย Yes, it is fear to think the flower will not bloom and pride to think man has say in the matter.

She will not only bloom but will break the ground wide open to display her beauty, because it is his care, not his pride or fear, that pushes the roots beneath her with sole desire to bring color to his world and remind him he is not alone, that he might return the earth’s smile.