At some point when working with people she stopped paying attention to their age and instead wondered upon their temperature and time of steeping.

After a while she realized everyone including herself, lived in a world of substitutions: Sugar, Salt, Food, Teachers, Lovers, Beliefs, Truths, Thoughts…

Those that made the most substitutions had lived the highest temperature lives the longest and thus tended to yield the most intense potential benefits to the world that one might seem to offer. ย Without exception all were weighed down by their darkness.

Some used substitutes to increase their inner opacity, that they might be able to discern their gifts and share them with the world. Others had gifts so overwhelming they sought ways to decrease their opacity, that they might hide them from the world.

Meanwhile, children of the world continue to be born of light steep and ingesting whatever substitutes their caregivers find flavor with such that a nation must carry a hybrid scent and bitter taste.

She wished she could exchange names and ages with strangers without thought of teabags and substitutes. Instead, every place she went was a tea party and every one she met was their own revolution, including her.

True love might be known in its desire to indulge another’s heart and substitutes beyond high tea time because the path to purity is a life time war where all drink poison.