My hair was still wet from the shower when I turned the bedside lamp off for the evening.

Beginning a pre-dawn ritual I lit a red candle for passionate sleep, then poured rose oil into my palm to rub into the skin of my upper arms and neck.  Closing my eyes I begin the firm yet gentle rubbing while attempting to envision something warming and relaxing.

It was only seconds before you were with me, your hands replacing mine, the deeply buried yearning escaping my mouth and becoming a moan.  My eyes fluttered opened out of focus and hypnotized by the string of lights on my headboard. My mind flashed back to a photograph of a couple wrapped in lights and in the throes of passion.

Drifting to the floor my body was no longer mine and all I could hear was my breathing, a heavy insistent panting. No words had I to give, only my desire for offer and in that moment all you needed.

I woke up my bedroom floor alone, naked, ravaged, rested and hungry, for more of you.