“Why do you want to hold my hand?” he asked.

“The same reason you have two hands on your wristwatch.” she answered.

“Am I the hours or the minutes?” he asked in response.

“We are both but that’s not what I meant.” she replied.

“Then what did you mean?” he asked laughing.

“If I took the face off your watch and removed the second hand you would still be able to tell the hour.  Time would continue moving forward but the way you go about your days would change because you wouldn’t pay as much attention to the minutes in between.” she explained.

“So you want to hold my hand because you want me to pay more attention to you?” he asked.

“No silly. I want to hold your hand because my heart is moved by your pulse. If I didn’t hold it my heart would continue beating but the way I go about my days would change because I wouldn’t pay as much attention to the breaths in between.” she answered.

Both laughing they reached for each others hands at the same time.