She’d dedicated herself to removing the soot from one feather each day, a painstaking process that commenced once all had gone to bed and exhaustion had set upon her. It was a solo Amelia Earhart trip across the ocean of herself and from the outside none could tell she was in flight and discovering a whole new world.

There was a man from across another ocean who knowing of her feathers was inspired to assist, that he might witness the flight. He used the information at his disposal to meet what appeared to be her needs: encouragement, thought realignment, admiration and a spiritually deep and perhaps mystical support.

Rather than admitting directly his admiration and love, he proceeded to go about gifting her with all that was within him without pause or constraint and without once letting it be clearly known the gifts were of his making, his heart and his art.

To know the source(s) of the love packages received she set out on a second solo flight, this time, to seek the man overflowing with gifts.

She wasn’t quite sure how to express that flying solo had never been written into her flight plan, that it was not fear that led her to that conclusion but an understanding of flight paths, collisions, disasters and re-routing of destinations.

* * * * * * *

On September 2, 2008 Swissair Flight 111 crashed and killed all 229 passengers on board. The main cause was fire. In addition to bodies, material items recovered were inventoried, most notably a portion of Pablo Picasso’s Le Peintre.

* * * * * * *

She is aware that she is not aware of all he has selflessly gifted and doesn’t know how to thank him or show her gratitude for the sacrifices often borne by those that give thanklessly in faith that their giving is not in vain and also without need of recognition or reward by man. It is often her body that responds in desire to express her gratitude.

 Each night she cleans soot from yet another feather, gets lighter and wonders how he defines flying.