They got on their knees as commanded and as per usual the oldest spoke first,

“Ohhhhhh my gawd….”

Their lives always seemed to go in just that precise order:

  1. Everyone on their knees
  2. Waiting for the oldest, then,
  3. God

One group asked why the oldest was always first to speak.

They were told it was in part due to a generational expectation the oldest had been hard-wired to meet.  They were also told that always wasn’t a forecast into the future because sometimes the voice that speaks first is younger but born into the same fires of inequity as his brother and on occasion willfully speaks or acts in opposition to expectation.

Many remain on their knees awaiting their brother’s command as some remain in expectation of God and still others remain in expectation of nothing at all.

As seeds inhabit the soil so too is man’s heart drawn into burrowing within the same earth. His desire is born of a shallow existence or a life too deeply lived, though in truth, the shallow and the deep are hybrids of the same ecosystem watering a false belief that it is self-sustaining.

Choosing to stand against gravity’s pull is a fight of the mind not wanting to admit the bodies thirst but where there is water we must at some point move into position to allow hydration because when we choose not to waste what is within, the capacity to spread seed expands love outward to feed many.