It isn’t necessary to wear ornate masks set to speak along powdered frames, oxygen flames, confusion, diffusion all in collusion and melting the iron from the axe, the smile from the wax, dripping and drowning water meant for ducks and rolls.

Masks create those seconds that flash before our eyes just as the fire burns the clay and cracks the vessel along its invisible core.

We learned recently that statues can be formed in seconds and last a lifetime. It takes no more than a moment for ones laughter to become a whimper and a fearful plea to live. A senseless act molds a carving so intricate and contrasting that its very discord aspires to attract curious tourists.

However, we quickly discover that fine and pristine details exist only in our minds and in fascination we become idle tourists weaving our way around the same neural pathways each day to meet upon mirrors reflecting a truth we’ve covered with bushes, refusing to see.

So the blind witnesses must die to become the participants that yearn to live.

This is how the heart becomes emblazoned with the lesson, that we may take it, refine it and become it. Prepared by precision casting and purposed presence we will one day exit hollow, impervious to the sweltering nocturnal nature of the world’s instability, seductive in her combustion techniques.

Until then my heart embraces you, holding the chisels of your soul in admiration. The only greater admiration is the chiseling of our embrace. This is my final thought before slumber, that and one other.

I may have discovered how to love you better and while it may not fit your heart perfectly as I would desire, I pray it fits more warmly within your soul than my prior attempts. Perhaps only your presence would make it Just Right.